• The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course
  • Students should have at least 1 UX project or case study to apply the knowledge in this course.
  • A free Google account with access to Google Slides and Google Sheets. Portfolio and content templates are provided via these free tools.

Learn the structure, tools and processes to create a UX Portfolio that helps you win jobs and stand out from other designers. 

Enter The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course

This course teaches you how to build a robust UX portfolio from scratch. If you're in the UX job market, you know that having a solid portfolio is essential. No portfolio, no job - simple as that.

There’s a lot of confusion about what content should go into a UX portfolio, and how to build one without losing your mind. If you’ve burned hours searching for the perfect Wordpress theme or tried to fit your story within a Squarespace template, then this course will fast track you to a better portfolio in less time. 

Most of the course is focused around writing and crafting UX case studies (individual UX design projects), with the option to package it all into one UX portfolio if applicable. Then we deep dive into several Advanced UX Portfolio topics. 

Here are just some of the topics covered in the course: 

Core Topics (in no particular order)

  • The Content-First Strategy
  • The Portfolio Pyramid,  a 3 step process to structure UX portfolio 
  • The Case Study Structure
  • Design Artifacts - selection and presentation 
  • How to Build an Offline and Online portfolio simultaneously

Advanced Topics: 

  • Handling NDAs and sensitive information in your portfolio
  • User Testing Your Portfolio
  • Portfolio Interview Questions

Who is this course for?

Because this course is structured to help you build a UX portfolio from the ground up, it’s especially beneficial for new UX designers creating their portfolio for the first time.

For anyone who wants to redo or update their portfolio with a systematic process, the knowledge outlined in this course is still highly relevant.

The course focuses on building your portfolio, meaning you should have at least 1 case study or project to which you can apply this knowledge.

What You Can Expect

Students from varying levels and backgrounds can benefit from The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course. Here's a sample of the estimated time requirements in which students can expect to complete portfolio work: 

  • Building portfolio from scratch: 3-4 weeks
  • Students with existing portfolios: 2-3 weeks
  • Motivated students with aggressive deadlines: 1-2 weeks

This is a comprehensive course that requires dedication and time. It comes with templates to help write your content so you'll be able to build your portfolio alongside the course. By the end of the course, you'll have developed a solid portfolio that can be used to apply for UX Design jobs. 

If you feel like one of the thousands of designers who've been missing guidance on this precious portfolio building process, then this course was built with you in mind. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Designers looking for jobs in User Experience. The UX portfolio is a non-negotiable piece of the hiring process, and prospective students can learn how to best present their portfolio to increase their odds of getting a UX job.
  • Beginning UX Designers who have at least 1 project to create a portfolio around. This is a highly hands on course that involves writing and packaging case studies and portfolios. Thus it's not ideal for absolute beginners who haven't completed at least 1 UX project.
  • Students looking to update their design portfolio with best practices tailored for the UX Job market.
  • Any UX Designer who wants to create a UX portfolio that is easy to update and has a clear structure

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The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course

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