Senrahatet Academic Consulting Services provides professional consultancy and support on your applications for undergraduate or graduate degrees abroad. We provide the support you need to be accepted to the undergraduate or graduate programs and scholarships in the US or UK.

The road to the programs in the US and UK passes through a severe competition. Especially to be entitled to scholarships of top universities, one needs to be selected among outstanding candidates of high abilities. Although this is a compelling process, still there are certain rules and tips to be followed in order for your skills and abilities to be perceived by the selection committees of the faculties. Besides, patience and experience of the candidate is essential in following each and every step of the application, which takes several months of preparation. Throughout that preparation period, we can help you with the following services:

  • To provide consultancy on determining the most suitable undergraduate/graduate programs based on your interests and history;
  • To conduct a research on the most suitable university and department based on your interests and skills, and to appropriately start communication with those departments before the application;
  • To prepare you for GRE and TOEFL and similar exams;
  • To prepare Statement of Purpose where required;
  • To compile a sample work where required;
  • To provide the technical and professional support for your peace of mind throughout the entire application process;

For that reason, we will share our experience and know-how required for you to get accepted to the most suitable program under the optimum economical conditions.

We urge you to benefit from our vast experience for opportunities of education abroad.

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